Timothy Miller Computer Consulting has been providing the finest computer services for the West Central Minnesota area since 1998.  Fast, friendly, and reliable assistance is just a phone call away.

A wide variety of technical services are available for both the home and office.  From the removal of pesky viruses and spyware, to installing Linux-based servers, to recovering data on a crashed hard drive, Timothy Miller Computer Consulting can assist you with virtually all of your technical needs.

All on-site and workbench technical support is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  There is no charge for service if you are not happy with the results.*  I am the only area computer support business to make this claim and I fully stand behind my work.

Service does not end once the job has been completed.  Both on-site and workbench technical support include up to two months of free telephone, e-mail, and ad-hoc technical support on any technical issues that you may have, even if they are not related to the original trouble call.

Reputable service is the number one priority at Timothy Miller Computer Consulting.  There are no hidden fees, no $22 estimates masquerading as computer repairs, no installation of pirated software.  I do not sell hardware or software so there is never any pressure to purchase unnecessary upgrades.  Your computer will not be returned with all of your personal files and applications missing, nor will it take weeks to repair.  With over 35 years experience in electronics and computer repair, you will receive nothing but the finest quality professional service.

Please feel free to browse this site.  There is a lot of useful information here that might answer your questions, assist you with your computer problems, or even make you smile.  Thank you for visiting, and have a great day!

* Certain conditions apply.  Please call for more information

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